Innovative mental health training for staff who work with young people.

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What an OUTSTANDING and ENJOYABLE course. Flower 125 should be something that everyone who works with children should do.


The Flower 125 Health Programme is a structured yet flexible health and well-being programme in the UK, delivered through fun, interactive workshops and using action-based methods and activities.

Our philosophy? Working playfully with young people in a positive, supportive and safe environment can drastically improve self-esteem and confidence.

The Flower 125 Programme has been honed and developed for over a decade, using the experience and expertise of top health and education professionals in the UK, as well as feedback from young people who have been successful participants.

Our specific model is what truly sets us apart from other health and well-being programmes in the UK. Our programme is based on a holistic, expansive approach where the entire well being of the participant is fully supported and encouraged.

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